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Serviced apartments for rent are probably one of the best choices for foreigners who want to visit or live in Da Nang for many reasons. In this article, Happy Property is going to tell you why apartment rental in Da Nang is so amazing and hopefully help you decide whether you should rent an apartment or a house to live in this beautiful city

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This might be the main factor why serviced apartments are so popular. Studio apartments are considerably cheaper than other types of accommodation while maintaining their amenities. A standard serviced apartment should include everything you need from a kitchen, a bathroom, a bed, and other furniture. Depending on the location and other facilities, the monthly rental for this type of apartment only costs you from 200$-300$.

Less cleaning:

Thanks to its small size, a serviced apartment living space is very compact which means that you are going to have less space for extra furniture which also means that you’ll have fewer things to clean. It takes roughly 20 minutes to clean your whole apartment, so you can spend more time on other things.


Heating and cooling are usually a problem for houses and big apartments, but not for these flats. The small size comes in handy again, you won’t be spending a fortune on air conditioning in hot summers and heating in freezing winters. By using less power you’re also protecting the environment and helping with global warming.

So where can you find a decent serviced apartment for rent in Da Nang?

Happyproperty.com.vn is a leading rental agency in Da Nang, Viet Nam we offer apartments, houses, and villas for rent. If you have any special requirements for accommodation don’t hesitate to contact us, we will help you find a place that fulfills all of your requests. Lots of happy customers have found their perfect places to live in via our service and we would love you to be the next one.

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