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Real Estate South Da Nang: Launching Epic Town project to attract investors

It can be said that Nam Da Nang real estate continues to become an attractive destination for investors today. Especially when preparing to launch the Epic Town project, the number 1 KDC in Dien Thang urban area, bordering Da Nang. This is one of the projects that is 100% complete and legal. Products that are rated as safe and best are being “hunted” by investors at the moment.

The Epic Town project is positioned as a strategic urban area when it owns an expensive location right at the corner of the “central crossroads” of the new administrative center of Dien Thang. Outstanding traffic advantage when the frontage is National Highway 1A and the 27m wide DH7 route connecting from Trang Nhat Industrial Park through National Highway 1A to Vien Dong Beach.

The project is adjacent to Da Nang with a distance of less than 2km, 15 minutes from Da Nang airport, 12 minutes from Hoi An Ancient Town and 10 minutes from the 5-star Vo Nguyen Giap seaway.

Not only possessing a prime location, the Epic Town project is also distinguished by the external facilities within a radius of 500m such as the educational system of schools at all levels, medical stations, hospitals, traditional markets such as Cho Thanh Street. Tangerine.

Many utilities are integrated in the project such as public land area, green tree trails, protected green corridors, commercial centers, services and kindergartens… fully meeting the functions of an urban area. new market. Especially, there are 2 large parks right at the project, combining with ecological regulation running from East to West, creating a green and airy living space.

Currently, Epic Town is expected to become a bright and modern settlement, a place to connect trade between Da Nang and Quang Nam.

General information about the project Epic Town – KDC No. 1 Dien Thang urban area:

– Location: Front of National Highway 1A, Dien Thang Bac, Dien Ban town, Quang Nam.

– Scale: 9.87 hectares, with a construction density of only 48%

– Selling price: Only from 13 million VND/m2;

– Supporting bank: SeABank Da Nang supports loans with preferential interest rates.

–   Expected opening: End of July 2020.

– Official distribution: By selected reputable real estate companies in Da Nang city such as: Babylon Real Estate Company, SCD Real Estate, Khai Tin Da Nang, Hoang Gia Phat, Y An Khang, ACTech.

– Hotline: 0777.424.525

Source: Construction Newspaper


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